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Neurogress (NRG)

Mechatronic systems control via neural interface.

ICO Date: 30.04.2018 – 29.06.2018

One+One (Chek)

One+One project is a charity initiative, integrating charity into...

ICO Date: 09.04.2018 – 29.06.2018

4THPillar (FOUR)

4THPillar is a blockchain-based decentralized identity and...

ICO Date: 04.06.2018 – 30.06.2018

McCain Corp (McCoin)

For to raise capital for the company's development and its child...

Base: ETH

Token: McCoin

ICO Date: 01.06.2018 – 01.08.2018

HydroCoin (HYC)

HydroCoin empowers the hydrogen industry worldwide.

ICO Date: 31.03.2018 – 29.09.2018

Crowd Machine (CMCT)

Building a community of app developers and decentralized computer...

ICO Date: 31.03.2018 – 21.05.2019

AutoUnit (ATK)


ICO Date: 26.03.2018 – 22.07.2018

Cryptics (CRP)

Cryptics is a self-learning platform, that analyzes the...

ICO Date: 28.05.2018 – 25.06.2018

Qurrex (QRX)

Qurrex is the hybrid crypto exchange.

ICO Date: 10.06.2018 – 30.06.2018


TripBit platform allows users to pay for travel using...

ICO Date: 03.05.2018 – 03.07.2018


The Pavo IoT Platform enables management of farms and gardens for...

ICO Date: 14.06.2018 – 14.07.2018

bBiller (BILL)

bBiller is a supply chain, multicurrency and multifunctional online...

ICO Date: 01.04.2018 – 30.06.2018