Tradingene (TNG)

Tradingene will generate income in success fees from profitable algorithms, from auction participation fees, and from...

16.05.2018 – 23.06.2018

BizShake (BZS)

BizShake is a platform based on blockchain technology that practices sharing access rights of assets through P2P...

15.10.2018 – 31.10.2018

ROMAD Endpoint De...

ROMAD offers the next generation antivirus ROMAD Endpoint Defence and Defence Token (RBDT).

25.09.2018 – 26.12.2018

Casper API (CST)

Casper API is a Platform for DApp developers to storage data decentralized around the world.

09.08.2018 – 20.08.2018


In the decentralized economy of the future, there is a need for a decentralized payment platform - meet COTI

01.02.2019 – 15.02.2019

Yumerium (YUM)

Yumerium is a blockchain-based, incentivized, open gaming platform.

26.09.2018 – 10.10.2018


Joys is a service of legal payments for goods and services in all cryptocurrency. Joys represents an open global...

10.01.2019 – 10.04.2019

Cyber Capital Inv...

Cyber Capital Invest is an online investment fund platform, aimed at people who would like to trade on the...

29.10.2018 – 26.11.2018

Loyakk (LYK)

Loyakk’s blockchain-enabled platform transforms how enterprises collaborate & share data with their business networks.

15.06.2018 – 31.08.2018


Upcoming ICOs

22 Feb
WhatsOnPic (AWT) What’s On Pic is a unique platform that will create a more immediate connection between stores and buyers through photos
28 Feb
Calero (CLO) Calero is a decentralized platform that implements leading Edge Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to improve, increase and automate the accounts payable process in client's company, while...
1 Mar
Lition (LITION) Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products
1 Mar
RAWG (RAWG) RAWG is a video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services
4 Mar
Dataeum (XDT) Dataeum is a blockchain-based platform which uses crowdsourcing to enable the collection of 100% of all global physical data (such as stores, gas stations, traffic signs) anywhere in the world,...