Block Hedge 4th Edition - Zurich


Block Hedge 4th Edition - Zurich

07.12.2018 09:00
07.12.2018 18:00
Switzerland , Zug


Blockchain has emerged to be one of the top disruptive technological development of the decade and that's not what we are debating. The conference will focus on the practical approach, the private sector, governments and other relevant stakeholders can adopt to position themselves in the future blockchained world.

In order to ensure that Block-Hedge is an experience unlike any other blockchain conference in 2018, there’s been special care on the part of us organizers to base the entire spectrum of events on a meaningful theme. The theme for this year can be decomposed into two broad facets.

Revealing the practical scoop behind the applicability of blockchain

At Block-Hedge 2018, you can expect genuine and accurate knowledge to deepen your practical understanding of blockchain applications. Covering a wide array of the relevance of blockchain in meting out meaningful outcomes, expect being privy to knowledge that’s bound to help you grow in the field.

Unfolding the optimal way to make money with crypto currencies

Earning well via investing in ICO’s or by means of other investments in the crypto space presupposes a few important factors. These include assessing the team behind the currency before investing, having a refined understanding of the key pointers that catalyze profit, and avoiding the most commonly made mistakes. You can expect tips and suggestions that are a cut beyond the redundant information.


Tina Balzli Director, Attorney at Law, Head of Banking and Crypto, PwC
Jose Alejandro Co-founder, Bitcoin Gold
Ian Scarffe Brand Ambassador, Blockchain Advisor and Consultant, Founder at Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD, TOP 10 ICO Bench
Nicole Nguyen Marketing Lead, Infinity Blockchain Labs
Andrew Rippon CEO, Thrupny

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