EOS Russia Meetup


EOS Russia Meetup

27.07.2018 10:00
29.07.2018 19:00
Russia , Moscow , Stremyannyy Pereulok, 28/1


Creating a Russian EOS community for developers.
Popularization of the blockchain technology.
Business uses for EOS.
Problems associated with teaching students and teachers the blockchain discipline.

UMKA Blockchain Hackathon:
We invite you to participate in UMKA’s open hackathon with a 5000 USD prize. Give it all you’ve got and let the best win!

Participation in this hackathon is a free team building opportunity and a chance to put your skills to the test and prove that you and your team are true professionals

You receive the unique opportunity to show off your talents to employers and colleagues and to win a prize

Expert evaluation:
During the hackathon weekend, you will be able to test your abilities and see how well other teams fare. You will receive valuable experience, get to know other professionals in your field and see what others think of your code

Unique experience:
This is an opportunity to experience non-stop coding, practice pitching and have fun

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