Jack Chang

Founder & CEO, GIVE Corp and Developer & patent Co-Holder of the ATM

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Mr. Chang is a businessman, an inventor and an entrepreneur with over 25 years of business and technology experience across multiple industries. He has a proven track record of conceptualizing how technologies can benefit consumers and businesses and transforming his visions into realities. Many of his past endeavors, including the Automated Teller Machine (Mr. Chang is the developer and patent co-holder of the ATM) still have profound impacts on consumers, businesses and the society.

As a multi-disciplined individual, he has held CEO and other corporate-level positions in sales, corporate development, and technology in large and small corporations. As an independent consultant, his clients have included some of the largest Global 500 companies, including Citibank, Coca-Cola Enterprises, American Express, Sears, Visa, EDS, and NationsBank/Bank of America, etc., for whom he provided strategic planning and business advisory support.

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