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Timo is a technology professional with over 29 years of experience. His experience comes from being involved in at the forefront of technology transformation we all are currently experiencing, whether it is about the newest and perhaps the most transformative technology like blockchain or AI. Timo’s involvement with Blockchain has already been a couple of years in understanding the change, the business possibilities and the ecosystem inspired network effects from the value creation point of view of blockchains to the corporations. Timo is also respected speaker of current and coming technologies like blockchains, artificial intelligence, cyber security or Quantum computing among other things. His main focus is in how new technology can be used in corporations to bring and achieve the expected business benefits from the usage of new technologies. Currently Timo is IBM Finland’s CTO and has also hold several technical and sales related roles at IBM. Off-office hours he is a passionate alpinist and motorcyclist. Timo holds a B.Sc from computer science and economics from Umeå University.

People of Blockchain

Maxim Chereshnev International Secretary, International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
Alexi Lane Everex, CEO and founder

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