Gianluca Massini Rosati

Founder and CEO presso Xriba

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He dindn’t attend University, but he’s always had a clear vision of what he wanted achieve.

Born in 1981 in a small town in Umbria, he’s always travelled, found inspiration in different cultures and places. His first successes as entrepreneur were in the renewable energy sector, real estate and business consultancy.

He then moves to London, UK, in 2014 looking to broaden his horizons and hoping to get in touch with the internationality of the City.

In the same year, he starts becoming famous in Italy as tax expert: he’s able to explain subjects considered to be very difficult and boring (like tax and accounting), by speaking the language of the entrepreneurs. He reaches over 150,000 followers on his Social Media Business Page and he’s renowned to educate thousands of people through his video courses and conferences.

Main TV networks and media notice him, the path is now clear for the next challenge. He then founds and establishes ‘Soluzione Tasse’, an accountancy firm in Italy that in less than two year springs to success.

Fintech is already a big deal, Blockchain is just making an appearance. He starts documenting himself, investing, thinking of how he can use this disruptive technology and apply it to his business.

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