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Vladimir is the co-founder of ROMAD Holding, the company that created the next-generation antivirus ROMAD Endpoint Defense.

15 years of experience in cybersecurity. Speaker, manager, entrepreneur. Previously educated in biotech and worked for a leading Canadian bioinformatics group. The ideas from bioinformatics inspired the ROMAD Endpoint Defense creation.

The AV industry is a non-transparent highly competitive market. The blockchain, on the opposite, is a transparent platform of trust. ROMAD seeks to implement the blockchain technology in AV to re-gain the society trust for the industry.

He comes up with many technical solutions on multiple technical problems: complex kernel level development, parallel programming (lock-free, wait-free structures), cryptography-related questions, etc. He developed the innovative antivirus engine.

Owner Codedgers Inc (creation of innovative products in cybersecurity; company was one of the speakers at Black Hat 2006).

CTO, Co-founder MTC Group Ltd, that have developed an obfuscating compiler called Morpher.

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