Geon (GEON)

Geon Network is a service that allows you to create virtual objects(Geons) located anywhere in the world

31.01.2019 – 31.03.2019


BRAVO started in 2014 and set out to revolutionise the tipping and anonymous payment industry with their seamless...

01.01.2019 – 31.01.2019 (TFIO) is an investment Fund created to open access to earnings on investments for a wide range of people on the...

05.11.2018 – 28.04.2019

Athero (THO)

Athero is a powerful infrastructure for decentralized apps powered by smart contracts

20.09.2018 – 20.01.2019

Apla (APL)

The Apla’s mission is to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain technology by small & medium sized enterprises...

01.11.2018 – 27.07.2019

Lition (LITION)

Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial...

01.03.2019 – 31.03.2019

Fiii (Fiii)

Fiii aims to promote the wide acceptance of cryptocurrencies throughout the world

01.11.2018 – 31.12.2018


The PRIMARY system consists of three components: the existing locations, a decentralized blockchain platform which...

01.09.2018 – 28.02.2019

Crypt ON (IPT)

Crypt-ON - a multiservice p2p platform to provide safe and secure transactions based on smart contracts

31.10.2018 – 21.01.2019

Loligo (LLG)

LOLIGO is the safest and most advanced ICO crowdfunding platform. It Offers token creation through LCC smart contracts

01.01.2019 – 31.01.2019

Crypto Circle eXc...

Crypto Circle eXchange is the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange powered by a cutting edge technology...

29.12.2018 – 02.02.2019

i-chain (ICHN)

Insurance platform and ecosystem, which will transform world insurance industry

17.05.2018 – 16.05.2019

Viva Network (VIVA)

Viva is a crowdfunding and securities token platform for Mortgage-Backed Tokens, enabling a global peer-to-peer...

20.07.2018 – 15.11.2018


Freldo – is working business social network which unites business owners and their customers

17.08.2018 – 31.12.2018

Depository Networ...

Depository Network is a B2B project combining the traditional financial system with the blockchain technology

01.11.2018 – 15.12.2018