Lancor Scientific...

Lancor Blockchain Platform (LBP) is a blockchain based ecosystem designed with the vision to make cancer screening...

14.10.2018 – 16.01.2019

healthbank (HBE)

healthbank provides a safe and secure ecosystem for users to store their sensitive health data, to have access to the...

13.11.2018 – 31.01.2019

Atlantico Network...

International decentralized blockchain platform for wide use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, with support...

25.08.2018 – 31.10.2018

Opu Labs (OPU)

Fueled by OPU Coin, consumers are able to monetize their skincare data along with receiving real-time support from...

01.08.2018 – 20.12.2018

dClinic (DHC)

dClinic is the World’s 1st TokenSale to combine Real-World Property Assets (Clinics and Hospitals) and a...

31.10.2018 – 31.12.2018

Virtual Rehab (VRH)

Virtual Rehab's evidence-based solution leverages the advancements in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and...

15.11.2018 – 14.12.2018

Jibbit (JIB)

Jibbit creates an ecosystem network to connect the worldwide cannabis community with the crypto world (200m+)

01.11.2018 – 15.12.2018

Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics will leverage blockchain technology to eliminate the middleman and empower people to own their...


Medipedia (MEP)

Medipedia is a blockchain medical tourism platform

08.10.2018 – 09.12.2018

MedicoHealth (MHP)

MedicoHealth platform doctor-patient environment based on blockchain.

15.02.2019 – 15.03.2019

Curaizon (CTKN)

Curaizon aims to change healthcare and improve drug-adherence through big data analytics delivered via the blockchain.

08.06.2018 – 08.09.2018

FarmaTrust (FTT)

FarmaTrust is a web-based, peer to peer platform designed to keep an immutable record of every legitimate drug ever...

15.06.2018 – 15.07.2018


ETHEAL is an Operating System of Healthcare Industry.

25.06.2018 – 22.07.2018

Mahra Coin (MHRA)

MAHRA COIN: Decentralized Cryptocurrency on the base of Medical Related and Blockchain Technology.

18.04.2018 – 18.06.2018


The Pavo IoT Platform enables management of farms and gardens for cannabis growers.

07.08.2018 – 24.10.2018