ROMAD Endpoint De...

ROMAD offers the next generation antivirus ROMAD Endpoint Defence and Defence Token (RBDT).

25.09.2018 – 26.12.2018

Multiven (MTCN)

MULTIVEN OPEN MARKETPLACE: The world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for the global $3 Trillion IT products and...

01.05.2019 – 31.05.2019

Expercoin (EXPR)

Expercoin is a protocol for AI-powered learning economies and marketplaces


Centive (XTV)

Centive is a blockchain-based incentive network for 2-way value exchanges between businesses and consumers

31.08.2018 – 01.11.2018

Buddy (BUD)

Buddy puts application development on autopilot and makes building apps scalable, creating a decentralized DevOps...

01.09.2018 – 29.10.2018

DeNet (DNET)

DeNet is a decentralized network created for providing and leasing IT capacities for storing, hosting and processing...

01.11.2018 – 30.11.2018


Alehub is a platform for the IT industry for project management and contractor search.

25.07.2018 – 24.09.2018

RightMesh (RMESH)

A networking platform that combine wireless mesh networks with blockchain-based technologies. As both a platform and...

30.05.2018 – 13.06.2018

AI Crypto (AIC)

AI Crypto is an artificial intelligence ecosystem based on blockchain.

04.06.2018 – 31.07.2018

Merculet (MVP)

Merculet uses blockchain technology to transform the relations between consumers, producers, and investors, allowing...

25.04.2018 – 30.04.2018

GraphGrail (GAI)

GraphGrail Ai is the Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on Natural Language Under

19.02.2018 – 25.05.2018

Friend (FRND)

The Friend Unifying Platform is an open source framework that will allow developers to decouple their applications...

15.06.2018 – 21.12.2018

Pikciochain (PKC)

The secure blockchain-based exchange for personal data

16.03.2018 – 31.03.2018

Ellcrys (ELL)

Blockchain for Trustless, Censorship-resistant Software Development

29.03.2018 – 29.04.2018

Friend Unifying P...

Friend is a powerful platform for developers.

19.02.2018 – 09.03.2018