Utile Network (UTL)

Utile Network allows to receive rewards for generating, adding, monitoring and detecting valuable information

14.11.2018 – 31.12.2018

Zichain (ZCN)

ZZichain provides a suite of modules for cryptocurrency financial services

12.12.2018 – 22.12.2018

Tropitoken (TPN)

Tropitoken connects sustainable urban housing concepts with renewable energy generators in a fully self-sufficient...

03.12.2018 – 31.12.2018

Bulleon (BUL)

Bulleon is a universal Digital asset Sphere, it is designed to serve the most common asset related commercial and...

01.01.2018 – 31.12.2018

Invest in Brokers...

Invest in Btokers offers a platform created for both experienced traders, amateurs or people who have no knowledge,...

15.08.2018 – 30.09.2018

Kript (KRPT)

Kript is AI driven interface designed to assist private investors manage crypto and tokenized assets

09.03.2018 – 09.04.2018

McCain Corp (McCoin)

For to raise capital for the company's development and its child projects.

01.06.2018 – 01.08.2018

AlchemyByte (ALB)

AlchemyByte is a digital token

02.01.2018 – 16.02.2018

Must Have Token

MUH is the community token based on knowledge.

29.12.2017 – 10.01.2018