AgroTechFarm (ATF)

ATF farms secure the automated growth of cannabis, tomatoes, cucumbers and many more plants.

01.06.2018 – 31.07.2018

Celsius (CEL)

global P2P financial platform that seamlessly connects holders of crypto-assets with borrowers

15.03.2018 – 22.03.2018

Tilx Coin (TILX)

Bring Magic to the World

15.03.2018 – 16.05.2018

EQUI Capital (EQU...

EQUI Capital bridges the crypto community with the traditional venture capital market.

02.03.2018 – 02.03.2018

SilverBit (SLV)

SilverBit is a digital token that allows people to send coins anywhere in the world.

22.03.2018 – 19.04.2018

Ceyron (CEY)


16.03.2018 – 16.04.2018

Cedex (CEDEX)

Certified Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange

16.03.2018 – 12.04.2018

Kora Network (KNT)

Kora provides an infrastructure for inclusive financial systems.

23.04.2018 – 21.05.2018

Smart Node (SMT)

The Smart Node Group SMT Token, or SMT is a cryptographic token.

18.03.2018 – 18.04.2018

Flying Money (FML)

plans to tokenize financial assets including currencies, commodities equities and real estate.

12.02.2018 – 12.02.2018

Bronix (BRX)

Bronix offers a self-regulated and independent cryptocurrency investment platform.

04.04.2018 – 02.06.2018


AraneoBIT is an international money transfer service for blocking technology.

01.07.2018 – 01.08.2018

Finom (FINOM)

create a Blockchain ecosystem with a single point of entry and AI assistant.

05.02.2018 – 05.02.2018


standard that enables a new generation of assets and contracts

27.11.2017 – 27.12.2017


Ecomcash is a crypto currency for global e-commerce.

25.12.2017 – 18.01.2018