Muusic (MUU)

Muusic.FM is the brainchild of music media guru Paul Cartwright

01.10.2018 – 28.02.2019


TANZŌ is a first-of-its-kind social marketplace for handmade goods, where crafters are protected and craftsmanship is...

10.01.2019 – 10.02.2019

Fiii (Fiii)

Fiii aims to promote the wide acceptance of cryptocurrencies throughout the world

01.11.2018 – 31.12.2018

Fidelity House (FIH)

FidelityHouse is a content aggregation platform that combines crowdsourcing journalism and social media oriented...

14.12.2018 – 13.04.2019

Cryptoindex (CIX100)

Cryptoindex is an exciting new AI-powered platform built to, essentially, predict the next Bitcoin

17.10.2018 – 16.01.2019

HetaChain (HETA)

Integrated the advantages and improvements remaining weaknesses of the outstanding platform Blockchain 1.0 and 2.0,...

11.11.2018 – 10.02.2019


Creating the world's leading decentralized digital assets for disability and serving the public welfare ecosystem of...

05.11.2018 – 30.11.2018


A peer-to-peer solution that is a fully functional and decentralized platform, good for any type of event

01.10.2018 – 30.11.2018


The PRIMARY system consists of three components: the existing locations, a decentralized blockchain platform which...

01.09.2018 – 28.02.2019

Noiz (NOIZ)

NOIZ is an AI+blockchain ad exchange network providing transparent data to all parties, ensuring optimized user...

28.09.2018 – 31.12.2018

Multiven (MTCN)

MULTIVEN OPEN MARKETPLACE: The world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for the global $3 Trillion IT products and...

01.05.2019 – 31.05.2019

Mix Rent (MIX)

Mix. Rent provides customers with a user-friendly platform to rent vehicles across the world

18.01.2019 – 25.01.2019

iTrue (ITU)

iTrue aims to make lives easier and safer through innovation

14.10.2018 – 16.12.2018

FlipNpik (FNP)

FlipNpik is the first collaborative ecosystem that allows users to monetize their social media posts by supporting...

25.09.2018 – 31.12.2018

Crypt ON (IPT)

Crypt-ON - a multiservice p2p platform to provide safe and secure transactions based on smart contracts

31.10.2018 – 21.01.2019