Credible Network ...

Credible is a blockchain network for Business Credit Data

15.10.2018 – 15.11.2018

Atlantico Network...

International decentralized blockchain platform for wide use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, with support...

25.08.2018 – 31.10.2018

AQwire (QEY)

AQWIRE, a project of Qwikwire, is a cross-border real estate marketplace powered by Smart Contracts and Blockchain...

08.10.2018 – 26.10.2018

Ubecoin (UBE)

Ubecoin (‘UBE’) is an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum technology and blockchain

05.06.2018 – 01.11.2018

Pigzbe (WLO)

Pigzbe uses the blockchain to make money transfers within families borderless, safe, and instant

05.09.2018 – 31.10.2018

P2P solutions fou...

Global Problem: Anything that you exchange digitally with anyone, anywhere, is not private by any privacy standards;...

10.08.2018 – 31.10.2018

LipChain (LIPS)

Surfers with sponsors, unofficial competitions and year-round training habitat

21.03.2018 – 15.11.2018

InfraCoins (INF)

InfraCoins is a decentralized property listing ecosystem that will use blockchain technology to make the listing...

10.08.2018 – 31.10.2018

Humancoin (HUMA)

Humancoin is the new massive cryptocurrency fuelled by the Proof of Charity mining protocol

15.09.2018 – 01.11.2018

Datablockchain (D...

Over $16m raised in PreSale! MVP is LIVE! is a revolutionary data platform that stands to disrupt...

10.09.2018 – 31.10.2018


The first global fundraising platform based on crypto, blockchain and smart contracts

06.08.2018 – 31.10.2018 (BCIO)

Built on Paymium’s proven security and technological record

27.09.2018 – 25.10.2018

Bitdepositary (BDT)

Bitdepositary is an ultra-secure and reliable ICO crowdfunding community transform that unites project developers and...

29.08.2018 – 14.11.2018


Today’s e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace and global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.5...

10.09.2018 – 09.11.2018

Viva Network (VIVA)

Viva is a crowdfunding and securities token platform for Mortgage-Backed Tokens, enabling a global peer-to-peer...

20.07.2018 – 15.11.2018