DateCoin (DTC)

ICO starts
30.03.2018 00:00
ICO ends
30.05.2018 00:00


DateCoin uses blockchain to reduce one of the core problem of dating industry: user identification and verification. Therfore, DateCoin aims to eliminate fake accounts and bots.

DateCoin uses face recognition technology, semantic and morphological analysis of dialogues and personal preferences to match people together.

By the June of 2018 DateCoin aims to localize the service in other 7 countries.

By the December of 2019 DateCoin plans to implement the final version of the image retrieval system of a person, which search dates based on users of DateCoin Service preferences, as well as technologies for syntactic and semantic analysis of dialogues.

Designed as a product utility token, DTC is capable maintaining its liquidity level. After token emission all service prices will be nominated in DTC.

DTC token price mechanism incorporation. Token holders will be able to use tokens for in-app purchases and sell it to millions of users worldwide.

Automatic verification of girls registered in DateCoin service by image recognition technology: face in a photo, alphanumeric code and private blockchain for accounts verification based on other users` opinion.

The following features can be used in DateCoin Service: messaging in chat rooms, anonymous calls (no phone number disclosure), in-app appreciation gifts and compliments, sharing photos, making arrangements.

DTC tokens will be used for in-app discounted purchases in DateCoin service. All the prices will be nominated in two currencies: fiat currency (EUR,USD, etc) and DTC tokens.

ICO Details

Token Sales

1 Token = 0.000250 ETH

Token distribution:
65% Tokens for sale
20% Team and qualified consultants remuneration
10% Reserve Fund
4% Marketing and development

Funds allocation:
$20m: Development 27%, Operating 3%, Promotion 8%, Legal 2%, General advertisting 6%, iOS advertisting 18%, Android advertisting 18%, Mobile Web advertisting 12%, Web advertisting 6%

$4m: Development 36%, Operating 4%, Promotion 10%, Legal 2%, General advertisting 5%, iOS advertisting 14%, Android advertisting 14%, Mobile Web advertisting 10%, Web advertisting 5%


Type: Utility-token
Token Standard: ERC-20
Additional Token Emission: No

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