Fiii (Fiii)

Pre-ICO starts
01.10.2018 00:00
Pre-ICO ends
20.10.2018 23:50
ICO starts
01.11.2018 00:00
ICO ends
31.12.2018 23:50
Business Services & Consulting
Hong Kong


Cryptocurrencies are still largely perceived as “too volatile”, “too complicated” or “something for high-end users only” by the average user. FiiiCOIN was developed with the aim of changing this perception altogether by making cryptocurrencies tremendously user-friendly and accessible to users from all backgrounds.

It is our vision to forge a uniquely user-centric Blockchain ecosystem where data, funds and information in general can be shared seamlessly and securely while at the same time thoroughly simplify the participation criteria to pave the way for total participation in the Blockchain ecosystem.

It essence, it is our ultimate vision to build a Blockchain ecosystem not only for a select few users, but for every single user out there.

FiiiPOS - The Only mobile instant cryptocurrency payment terminal in the world to be compatible with up to 1500 cryptocurrencies. Supporting unique DPoC. Over 2200 POS already launched in Asia and 15000 on order as of September 2018.

FiiiPay - Mobile Wallet App compatible with FiiiPOS. Over 350k registered users as of September 2018.

FiiiEx - CryptoCurrency exchange platform built to support FiiiPOS and FiiiPAY

FiiiChain - Customizable blockchain framework enabling plug and play feature for commercial application

FiiiCoin - Cryptocurrency created using FiiiChain, focusing on long term stability and commercial viability.

ICO Details

Token Sales

Price in ICO: 1 Fiii = 0.12 USD

Min. investment: 0.12 USD
Soft cap: 15,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale: 750,000,000


Restricted areas: USA, IRAN, North Korea

Token distribution:
50% - DPOC Mining
13% - Product Development
13% - Blockchain Plus Foundation
8.4% - ICO
5.75% - Fiii Loyalty Program
3.6% - Angel Round A&B
2.85% - Founder and Co-Founder Team
2% - Sales Incentive & Bounty Program
1.4% - FilLab Team


presale 1: 25%
presale 2: 20%

Bounty campaign




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