Jury.Online (JOT)


Jury.Online (JOT)

ICO starts
12.02.2018 00:00
ICO ends
30.04.2018 00:00
Blockchain Infrastructure


Jury.Online platform is an Investor-Project environment for a multistep release of the funds and the tokens to the parties with an escrow.

Jury.Online positions itself as a platform for making deals.

The functionality of the base platform will provide for the possibility of concluding transactions that, in the event of a claim, are considered by a group of independent expert judges who announce the final verdict of the transaction in favor of one of the parties.

JOT Token is the local currency of the website which provides the ability to pay for the ICO, arbitrators and internal services. JOT is an internal token of the project. It will be used to pay a dispute settlement fee on the Jury.Online platform. JOT tokens will be used to pay for Juri.Online services along with ETH.

Jury.Online offers a set of services that are planned to be implemented consistently. The implementation of services will be carried out in parallel with the launch of the first three ICO projects which are planned for the platform. Key services of Jury.Online are ICO staging, forming a smart contract on the use of funding raised during the ICO and Jury's dispute resolution service.

ICO Details

Token Sales

Token distribution:
70% Will be available for sale 20% Team 7% Advisers and for bounty programmes 3% Remain as a stock of liquidity to ensure flawless and independent operation of jury.online before token enters cryptocurrency exchanges and the market stabilizes, as well as for compensations in exceptional cases


Type: Utility-token
Token Standard: ERC-20
Additional Token Emission: No

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