LaneAxis (AXIS)

ICO starts
21.06.2018 00:00
ICO ends
20.10.2018 23:50
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Supply & Logistics
Cayman Islands


LaneAxis is building a Shipper-to-Carrier direct network powered by smart contracts employed on the blockchain’s immutable ledger. This will drive massive, cost-saving efficiencies into the industry, along with complete transparency and integrity of data. Shippers and Carriers will no longer have to employ costly third-party vendors such as freight brokers, third party logistics groups (3PLs), and freight forwarders, many of whom charge up to a 30% fee, to handle transactions. LaneAxis was recently granted Patent 9,928,475 - "A Shipper and Carrier Optimization Platform."​ LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management® is a logistics, visibility and data control tool that delivers complete shipment visibility down to the load level. Deployed as a desktop and mobile app (in a SaaS-based cloud platform), LaneAxis connects Shippers directly to Carriers, giving both real-time tracking and data over every shipment. The LaneAxis platform eliminates the need for expensive middlemen in the freight lifecycle, including freight brokers, third party logistics providers (3PLs), and freight forwarders. LaneAxis is completely shipper and carrier agnostic. The platform goes beyond delivering just real-time GPS tracking, utilizing patent-pending processes to drill down to the driver level for key details. This includes eta prior to pickup, verifiable arrival times via geofence, verified proof of pickup, verified temperature settings and other metrics, in-transit tracking, accident reporting with photos, verified proof of delivery, and more. Added benefits include improved dock scheduling, fewer empty hauls, actionable business intelligence, instantly archived shipment documents, and notably, the ability to build and easily manage an in-house network of qualified independent carriers.

ICO Details

Token Sales

Price in ICO: 1 AXIS = 0.12 USD

Tokens for sale: 300,000,000
Soft cap: 2,000,000 AXIS
Hard cap: 300,000,000 AXIS
ICO token supply: 100,000,000


Country Limitations: China, United States

Token distribution
25% - Pre Sale
20% - Crowd Sale
17% - Reserve
15% - Private Sale
10% - Team
10% - Logistics Community
3% - Bounties


20.06 to 28.06 50%
29.06 to 06.07 45%
07.07 to 14.07 40%
15.07 to 22.07 35%
23.07 to 30.07 30%
31.07 to 07.08 25%
08.08 to 15.08 20%
16.08 to 23.08 15%
24.08 to 31.08 10%
01.09 to 08.09 5%

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