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21.05.2018 00:00
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03.07.2018 23:50
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21.07.2018 00:00
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21.08.2018 00:00
Commerce & Retail
British Virgin Islands


The platform provides consumers with transparent product information and online assistant services, while OSA DC’s AI-powered ecosystem
will also give manufacturers and retailers the chance to cooperate and optimize their business strategies.

By using OSA DC, consumers will provide a wealth of data while being rewarded for these contributions in the platform’s native token. Smart contracts will keep data providers honest and consumer interests protected, as a set of KPIs, product ratings,and rewards are stored on blockchain for accuracy and reference.

OSA DC also acts as a neutral intermediary that will monitor the success of these performance indicators. OSA DC’s AI prescription gives retailers and manufacturers direct access to consumer feedback, while consumers can use this AI to make conscious, informed purchasing decisions. This will:

1.Save money for retailers and manufacturers by referencing customer feedback for which products to keep in stock
2. Save time for consumers by allowing them to search for products using the platform’s blockchain and AI-powered inventory tracking
3.Secure health for the consumer by allowing them to make smart, health-conscious decisions for purchasing fresh food.

OSA Token:

- Network fuel - to drive the blockchain's ledger and smart contract functionality and facilitate data collection, storage, enrichment, and analysis.
- Payment method - for inumerable business-to-business transactions and business-to-consumer services
- Platform reward - for data sharing and as an incentive for brand-specific promotional campaigns

Consumers will be able to use OSA tokens in a variety of ways:

- Pay for B2C services
- Receive exclusive promotional offers
- Purchase groceries

ICO Details

Token Sales

ICO token supply: 2,800,000,000
Hard cap size: 40,000,000 USD (fiat)
Raised: 12,810,000 USD
Price: 1 OSA = 0.107238 USD

Minimum investment: 1 ETH
Product Type: Platform


Type: Utility-token
Additional Token Emission: No

Token distribution
22.5% - TOKEN SALE (Public)
22.5% - Product Development Fund
17% - Partners & Avisors
15% - Team and Early Backers
6% - Retail Incentive
3% - Data Science Community Incentive
3% - R&D Incentive
3% - Legal and Finance
2% - Bounty
6% - Secure Fund & Vesting

Funds allocation
39% - Product catalog and image recognition
21% - Core product development
18% - R&D
17% - Business development
3% - Team salary and adviser fees
2% - Marketing and promotion





Maximilian Musselius

Co-Founder, Strategy and Vision Lead

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