Papyrus (PPR)

ICO starts
21.03.2018 00:00
ICO ends
31.07.2018 23:50
Marketing & Advertising


1. Channel layer - an off-chain mechanism for collecting, securely storing, verifying and processing business transactions data.
2. Papyrus blockchain - a consortium dPoS blockchain based on Tendermint BFT consensus algorithm, with support of EVM smart contracts. It backs the operation of channel layer and implements ad campaigns business logic including ad verification and payments settlement rules.
3. Cosmos Network integration - the Papyrus blockchain is built as a Cosmos Zone, connected to the Cosmos Hub to benefit from ready interoperability with existing public blockchains.
4. Dashboard applications providing access to the Papyrus functions for advertisers/publishers, and integration tools for onboarding existing adtech platforms.

Technical details

Papyrus has launched its MVP that consists of an advertising network using blockchain architecture to enable the transparent purchase of advertising inventory. All calculations between advertisers and publishers are controlled by smart contracts with automatic restrictions on payments depending on the quality of results as verified by independent verification service suppliers. The MVP is deployed on Ethereum TestNet Rinkeby and will be launched in Ethereum MainNet after the second Token Generation Event.

ICO Details

Token Sales

ICO token supply: 450,000,000
Hard cap size: 17,500,000 USD (fiat)
Raised: 1,500,000 USD

Price: 1 PPR = 0.055 USD


Type: Utility-token
Additional Token Emission: No

Token distribution:
45% - Token Sale Round 1 and Round 2
15% - Network growth pool, block rewards, advisors, automatic rewards for early adopters
15% - Token sale round 3 for ecosystem participants, lockup until 2019
15% - Papyrus Foundation Pte Limited, 2-year lockup with a 6-month cliff
10% - Founding team, 2-year lockup with a 6-month cliff



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