Pre-ICO starts
22.05.2018 00:00
Pre-ICO ends
04.09.2018 23:50
ICO starts
01.03.2019 00:00
ICO ends
15.03.2019 23:50
Gaming / VR
Cayman Islands

Features is a video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services. Dubbed "the IMDb of games," it boasts a database of 15,000 developers and over 56,000 games across half a hundred platforms. RAWG promises to be the first service to recommend games based on cross-platform data and already supports synchronization of Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam profiles. Even though gaming requires a considerable investment of time and skills, players usually do not receive any tangible rewards. Looking to change this, RAWG is rolling out a blockchain solution that would reward the global gaming community with RAWG tokens.

There are several types of participants in the token system. These are gamers, partners, advertisers and RAWG. The token solves different tasks for each type of participants and serves as a way to fulfill the interest of all participants.

› For a gamer, the token is a unit that certifies his achievements and activity in games.
› For a partner, the token is a means to acquire leads to try their services or goods.
› For an advertiser, the token is a unit for the advertisement to the target audience.

The benefit of the token system can be described as follows:
1. Gamers receive tokens for their gaming activity and/or content creation on RAWG, which can then be converted or spent on product services.
2. Advertisers receive a live audience interested in games and playing them.
3. Gaming experts receive a rating system to confirm their involvement in the game subculture.
4. Industry experts receive an opportunity to consult and communicate with a live audience and get rewarded with tokens for it.
Partners receive leads from the platform in exchange for providing additional services.

In conclusion, RAWG is a simple to use service that tackles one of the most important problems in the gaming industry — cross-platform personalized recommendations. RAWG also seeks to establish a new system where gamers will be awarded for their playing time and skills. RAWG will provide access to the content created by a community of like-minded people and personalized recommendations that are not limited to platforms and marketing of their manufacturers. RAWG will provide advertisers and partners with access and tools for working with a target audience.

ICO Details

Token Sales

PreICO price: 1 RAWG = 0.03 USD
Price in ICO: 1 RAWG = 0.03 USD

Min. investment: 300 USD
Soft cap: 66,666,667 RAWG
Hard cap: 333,333,333 RAWG
Tokens for sale: 333,333,333


Restricted areas: USA, China

Token distribution
38,5% - crowdsale
33,5% - stabilization fund
10% - founders
7,7% - bonuses
3,8% - advisors
3,8% - team
1,9% - airdrop
0,8% - bounty

Funds allocation
40% - product development
40% - community building
10% - information security
10% - back office and other

Bounty campaign





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