Russian Miner Coin (RMC)


Russian Miner Coin (RMC)

ICO starts
27.08.2017 00:00
ICO ends
27.09.2019 23:00


A single ecosystem for scholars, producers of devices for mining, data centers and the community of miners. RMC – a project which brings together two ideas:
issuance of a miner of altcoins having MultiClet heightened energy efficiency;
participation of RMC Joint Mining Club members in the waiting period for the MultiClet miner to be ready
The Russian Mining Coin (RMC) is a digital asset which gives the owner the right to acquire a new generation MultiClet miner based on a processor with multicellular architecture or the right to acquire a Sunrise miner at a special price. The owner of the coin also has the right to participate in the RMC Joint Mining Club.
The Russian Mining Coin multicellular processor R1 consists of four cells. The architecture encompasses the cells are independent and identical.
RMC have launched 20 MW in the Moscow Technopolis.
The new qualitative advantages allow us to position the RMC R1 as a principally new and highly efficient product of microprocessor technology. The RMC S1 processor is being created on the basis of the R1 processor.
The Russian Mining Coin R1 operational algorithm does not depend on the number of cells. Russian Mining Coin cells are identical and it is not important in which of them one or another command is performed.
The Russian Mining Coin rated power of the device based on the Multiclet processor will be 5 GH/s on the Ethash algorithm and 650 KH/s on the CryptoNight algorithm with a consumption of 1 kW.

Technical details

Mining algorithm: SHA 256 Full computational power: 22.6 TH/s of which: 18 TH/s (received by the physical owner) 4.6 TH/s (allocated to the Joint Mining Club) Power requirements: 2.3-2.5 kW Processor architecture: 16 nm

ICO Details

Token Sales

ICO token supply: 25,000
Hard cap size: 100,000,000 USD (fiat)

Price: 1 RMC = 4900 USD


Type: Security
Additional Token Emission: No

Funds allocation:
10% - for development and production of the MultiClet miner
90% - for purchase of components and production of the Sunrise miner with security chip;




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