Projects tagged with: #token

Dollero Technolog...

DolleroTechnology is providing a solution for centralized exchange vulnerability and the resultant loss of user funds...

17.12.2018 – 17.03.2019

Optherium (OPEX)

Optherium’s mission is to create the Global Finance Blockchain Infrastructure that is accessible to all financial...

05.12.2018 – 05.02.2019

CryptoSoul (CSOUL)

This is a free-to-play online survival game. The player get tokens for achievements in the battle, that have value in...

06.10.2019 – 07.10.2019

KiMex (KMX)

We built a platform for the crypto BO trading Industry and Good Wallet for trader

03.10.2018 – 02.12.2018


This platform is being created to reduce the cost of green energy to most parts of the world by transmitting power...

20.09.2018 – 20.12.2018

TrustedCars Flex ...

TrustedCars is an Award-Winning German Company that is changing Car Ownership forever by turning dealerships into...

17.09.2018 – 31.10.2018

Fluzcoin (FFC)

Fluzcoin, as an independent retail coin structured in computer-aided governance, solves the problems of speed, cost,...

01.12.2018 – 15.12.2018

ephelants360 (XEP)

ephelants360 is a software solution developed on a hybrid distributed ledger to serve as a content production...

22.11.2018 – 02.01.2019


WONO is a P2P platform for rentals and freelancing

03.09.2018 – 01.10.2018

Qravity (QCO)

Qravity is a decentralized content production and distribution platform where creators own and profit from their work

01.09.2018 – 07.10.2018

Usechain (UST)

Usechain is a public blockchain ecosystem built on Mirror Identity Protocol.

08.08.2018 – 08.08.2018

LookRev (LOOK)

LookRev - VR + Blockchain + Business, a blockchain-based marketplace for creative products.

06.08.2018 – 31.08.2018

Tradingene (TNG)

Tradingene will generate income in success fees from profitable algorithms, from auction participation fees, and from...

16.05.2018 – 23.06.2018

Cosmochain (COSM)

Cosmochain is a Business-to-Customer platform that connects cosmetics products consumers and content creators to...

25.04.2018 – 25.04.2018

Phoneum (PHM)

Phoneum offers an app to mine cryptocurrency

30.07.2018 – 30.09.2018