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15.05.2018 00:00
Pre-ICO ends
15.08.2018 23:50
ICO starts
01.09.2018 00:00
ICO ends
15.10.2018 23:50
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Gambling & Betting
Hong Kong


New era in gambling industry is coming.
At the beginning of 2017 online gambling market was evaluated at $44.16 billion, by the end of the same year it grew to $47.4 billion. Estimated market capacity in 2018 is $52 billion and it’s expected to reach $81.7 billion by 2022. It is obvious that the market has an immense potential.

The problem, however, is that the rules of the gambling business have remained unchanged for centuries. No doubt, casinos and other providers constantly try to attract new clients with new gimmicks: rewards, bonuses, prizes, beautiful images, etc. Technologies change as well: from simple wooden tables and slot machines, to online games, and newest block-chain technology.

In reality, it does not matter what technology is used or what gimmicks are used to attract gamers to the casino. The core of it is still the same and quite simple: no matter what the clients do, the casino gets everything. Those who don’t gamble themselves take everything from those who are passionate and like a good game. They take everything and get excess profit. Also, casino customers are very venturous people who are constantly looking for action and novelty. They get bored very quickly, and have to move from one casino to another in continuous search for some diversity.

It is time to change the game rules in the Gambling Universe .
To break the established traditions we just need to give the control of the casino, to the players themselves. Meaning, absolutely all games, tables, poker rooms, slot machines, lotteries and so on are controlled by the gamers, they host games themselves and receive most of the profit.

Meet URUNIT - The only gambling platform 100% managed by its community!
Players control the house, host all the games and receive most of the profit.
This is how it can be achieved:
- Absolutely all games, card tables, poker rooms, tournaments, slot machines, lotteries, etc. in this casino are controlled by the players themselves. Each game is hosted by a certain player.
- The easiest way to give each user the opportunity to become the owner of the game is drawing of the lots. Drawings are held automacally. The winners should pay a small fee in URUN tokens to confirm their right to own the game.
- This player determines parameters of the game or tournament he is hosting and becomes the owner of the game for the time being. Let's say, each game is leased to one of the players for a nominal fee.
- During this lease, the owner of the game not only monitors what is going on, but also performs basic functions of a moderator.
- At the end of this period, the owner of the game receives most of the profit generated during his lease.
- The more often the user plays and the bigger his bets, the higher is his rank. And the higher is the player's rank, the more chances he has to become the owner of the game.

Just imagine, if there is a choice, who would want to play in a regular casino that does not offer a possibility to become a part of it?

More Awesome Features
What a player can do with his right to host a game
- He can host the game and receive the profit generated during his lease
- He can sell this right to other players (fixed price, auction or lottery)
- He can use this right as a bet or buy-in for some games

What a player can do with his rank
- He can sell his rank to other players (fixed price, auction or lottery)
- He can use his rank as a bet or buy-in for some games

Private games
Every user can create his own private games and give the access to them to his friends and acquaintances. All private games are accessible only by invitation.

70% of all URUN tokens are collected by platform will be used in daily, weekly and monthly jackpot drawings. Every user who deposited certain amount of URUN tokens to his account or has a certain rank is eligible for jackpot.

Also, this is the First Gambling Platform with Constantly Decreasing Amount of Tokens
URUN tokens issued during the ICO are the only tokens which will be issued by U Run It. No URUN tokens will be issued after ICO.

0.5% of every transactions on the platform made in URUN tokens is "burnt". Consider URUN tokens as "fuel" for the platform transactions processing. This "burning process" is regulated by smart contracts on the blockchain.

It means the number of URUN tokens available will constantly decrease.

ICO Details

Token Sales

PreICO price: 1 URUN = 0.00125 ETH
Price in ICO: 1 URUN = 0.00125 ETH

Minimum investment: 0.01 ETH
Soft cap: 4,000,000 URUN
Hard cap: 60,000,000 URUN


Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas: USA, China, Canada


pre-ICO, May 30th - June 14th: 40%
pre-ICO, June 15th - June 30th: 30%
pre-ICO, July 1st - July 31st: 20%
pre-ICO, August 1st - August 15th: 15%
ICO, September 1st - September 15th: 10%
ICO, September 16th - September 30th: 7.5%
ICO, October 1st - October 15th: 5%

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Roman Grushkovsky

Co-founder, CEO

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