VINchain (VIN)

ICO starts
01.02.2018 00:00
ICO ends
15.04.2018 00:00


The VINchain platform will offer a variety of services to different automotive market participants: car dealers, insurance companies, maintenance stations, banks and leasing companies. The most important product of the VINchain marketplace will be a database of vehicles through which all interested parties will be able to access information or a report about each particular car using its VIN number.

VINchain is developing a mobile app and a website for dealers, insurance companies and manufacturers, in addition to an API, White Label and a blockchain built on Graphene.

The application will provide users with offers on car maintenance, discounts on service, and assist in refueling and washing. Additionally, the app will help find a vehicle in a parking lot, or remotely control their vehicle. The VINchain application will also gather data on personal driving style, offer user more economical ways of driving, and offer discounts on insurance premiums.

The VINchain ecosystem will also have a system of rewards and ratings aimed at managing and verifying data. The higher the rating, the higher the reward distribution coefficient.

VINchain plans to store most of the information in centralized databases, then create a hash on each of them and store that hash in the blockchain.

ICO Details

Token Sales

1 Token = 0.000050 ETH

Token distribution:
60% - Token sale
25% - reserved among founders, consultants and other members of the team
8.75% - reserved
5% - reserved for the advisory board
1.25% - reserved for early token purchasers

Funds allocation:
26% - Project development
25% VINchain product and VINchain network infrastructure development
20% - Marketing expenses
10% - Integration of partner projects
6% - VINchain, VINchain network and VINchain Power Plant development
5% - Law expenses
5% - Legal service expenses, organization setup and their activity, chosen as service providers for Vinchain network
1% - Vinchain Power Plant development and developers platform promotion
1% - Study
0,3% - Activity expenses
0,3% - Other administrative goals
0,2% - Account expenses
0,2% - Recruitment


Type: Utility-token
Token Standard: ERC-20
Additional Token Emission: No


Step 1 + 40%
Step 2 + 25%
Step 3 + 20%
Step 4 + 15%
Step 5 +10%
Step 6 +5%



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