Viva Network (VIVA)

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20.07.2018 00:00
ICO ends
15.11.2018 23:50
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Viva aims to revolutionize the antiquated mortgage lending industry by cutting out the middlemen and decentralizing the process, thereby applying a fundamentally more accessible and transparent approach to financing. We believe that Viva’s technology will increase the availability of credit for borrowers and for the first time allow non-institutional investors to participate in the consistent, asset-backed returns associated with mortgage investments, a product that has traditionally been reserved solely for large financial institutions.

Furthermore, by allowing the free market to dictate the risk and associated value of each mortgage - as opposed to a bank - we expect to see more fairly priced mortgages. The Viva platform will be leveraged by those in the developed and developing worlds alike, thereby enabling the world to take a large step toward geographical wealth equality - by breaking down the barriers and leaving both parties better off.

Viva’s mission is to disrupt the mortgage industry by allowing home buyers and sellers to set the terms themselves. Any individual, from any country in the world, will have access to credit financing for home loans via a decentralized, open market network on the Viva Platform.

Additionally, Viva’s function as an investment and savings platform accessible with just a mobile phone means all users of Viva will have access to credit financing, a savings and investment account, and standard blockchain-backed secure transaction services - regardless of what country they live in.

ICO Details

Token Sales

Price: 1 ETH = 35,714 VIVA

Minimum investment: 0.001 ETH
Hard cap: 68,770 ETH


Restricted areas: USA, China


Early Contribution, Round 1 40%
Early Contribution, Round 2 35%
Early Contribution,Round 3 30%
Main Contribution, Round 1 25%
Main Contribution, Round 2 15%
9-1.9 ETH 5%
1.9-2.9 ETH 10%
2.9-7 ETH 15%

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